USA to UK Relocation Services

If you're moving from America to the United Kingdom, we can help from start to finish.

UK to USA Relocation Services

Moving from the United Kingdom to the USA, we can help you with every little detail.

Expat Car Leasing - UK

Getting a car in the UK with no history, can prove difficult. We work with a handful of partners who specialise in Expat Car Leases.

Relocation Property Services

Which ever side of the ocean you're relocating to, we can help in either direction with our property services. Lettings and Sales.

Moving to the UK?

Our guide and checklist for those making the move to the United Kingdom, from Visa's to Bank Accounts, Health Insurance to Pets.


Experienced Relocation Services for the UK & USA

Whether your a private or corporate client, moving for work or leisure/retirement; Our relocation services cater for those who need help with one particular area such as property or a vehicle, to covering the whole move from start to finish.

We know how stressful a relocation is and as a family business, we’re here to share the responsibilities and making the move as relaxing as possible. We cover many services from property searches to expat car leases to even helping you setup a UK bank account.

Corporate Relocation

If you run a business and you’re looking at moving one or a number of employees to/from the UK/USA, we help to make the process as easy and hassle free as possible.

From renting a property to providing a car lease, our team can put together packages that can help you and your employees make the big move and make it a huge success.

We already work alongside a large number of corporates in the UK, USA and Canada and we’re sure we can help you.

Personal Relocation

Whether you are moving with your current employer or you are relocating to/from the UK/USA to take up a new job.

Relocate-Relocate can help by offering an individual service suited to your wants and needs. This includes help with renting or purchasing a property in the UK, setting up bank accounts or even leasing a car.

Our relocation packages are designed around you and our aim is to help take the stress away from you, so that you can look forward to moving to your new country.