Expat Car Leasing

No UK Credit History Required

As an international citizen, obtaining a car lease in the UK as an Expat can be extremely difficult without any UK credit history.

Relocate-Relocate work with a number of partners who can help you get mobile in the United Kingdom by offering Expat Car Leases.

Car Leases for Expats

Leasing a car in the UK is extremely popular, this can also be called a Car Subscription. It allows consumers to have use of a car for a set amount of time, in return for a monthly fee.

Our partners offer both flexible and fixed options that are open to Overseas Visitors to the UK.

How do I get a Car Lease?

If you are interested in getting a car lease, our partners have experienced underwriters who are able to tap into your home country credit history. They will also require ID (Passport/Driving Licence), proof of residency, UK Bank Account and Prof of employment or funds in the UK.

Underwriters will then perform the checks and tick off the required paperwork in order for you to be accepted for an Expat Car Lease.

This process can take between 1-3 working days, depending on the complexity of the application and how quickly you provide the documents.

How quickly can you get a car?

Due to the specialist nature of an Expat Car Lease, there will only be a limited number of companies offering you a facility.

But with most vehicles being in physical stock, turnaround can be extremely quick.

How much will it cost?

This all depends on your circumstances, but being an Expat the rates will be higher than traditional car leases with UK credit history.

But the flexible and fixed offers can work for many people and the monthly cost would always be the same as those offered to UK people on the same contracts.

Refundable Deposits and a Documentation Fee will be payable.

USA Citizen looking for UK Car Lease

If you are from the USA and hold a driving licence, coming to the UK. We can help with obtaining a Car Lease. We credit check you in America and you will be required to send in documentation to back up your application.

It is really important that you check your licence and the requirements of driving on the UK roads.

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